Health insurance is a kind of insurance which is provided to the person who has taken up health insurance so that the medical and as well as surgical cost can be covered up, the payment is being done by two ways either a person first pays up during the medical treatment and then the amount is reimbursed or the person can pay directly to the company according to the plan or policy cycle.


Life insurance is very important in today’s world, it’s a insurance between the policy holder and the assurer or insurer who promises to pay the beneficiary amount in exchange of a set premium which the policy holder gives annually or monthly according to the policy or type of the insurance plan which is given by the assurer upon the death of the policy holder.


It’s a kind of insurance which is designed and framed to protect your house from any damage and covers your residence and provides you the liability coverage against the accident which may cause by fire or natural disaster.


Auto insurance is the insurance which protects you from any kind of financial loss which occurs when you meet with an accident, it’s a contract or a bond you can say which is there between you and the insurer that you will pay the premium to the insurance company and they will protect you from the loss if any happens in future.